The diet

For 23 days you take 1 Elegance HCG tablet daily and follow the supplied diet. The diet is strict and would not be sustainable without the Elegance HCG tablets. The Elegance HCG tablets, however, inhibit the feeling of hunger and ensure that you feel good and have enough energy.

Structure of the diet

The HCG Tablets diet helps to lose weight and cleanse the body in a natural and responsible way in a short time. The excess fat disappears faster thanks to the HCG tablets and the problem areas typical for many people (hips, abdomen, buttocks, etc.) are tackled more efficiently. In addition, the feeling of hunger is strongly suppressed, so that the special HCG diet can be maintained.

The HCG Tablets diet consists of 2 important phases: the HCG diet and the Stabilization period.

The HCG diet

More than 50 years ago, Dr. Simeons, after years of research, invented the HCG diet. The effectiveness of this diet has now been amply proven and for many people, who have already tried dozens of other diets, this turned out to be the perfect way to lose weight permanently.

1 HCG tablet is taken daily for 23 days and the included fat-free and low-carbohydrate 500-calorie diet must be followed. The HCG tablets ensure that the diet is easy to maintain and that you have enough energy for your daily activities. The included vitamin B12 further enhances this effect.

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The Stabilization Period

After the HCG diet, like Dr. Simeons also states in his book Pounds & Inches, it takes about 3 weeks before your new weight is stable. During these three weeks, also known as the stabilization period, it is very important to follow the guidelines of a low-carbohydrate diet. This prevents the yo-yo effect and helps you build a new healthy diet and maintain your ideal weight.

The HCG Tablets cure not only ensures permanent weight loss but is also a natural way to cleanse your body, making you feel more energetic and healthier!

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Cleansing the body

Due to incorrect living and eating habits, the body is insufficiently able to remove all waste products from the body. These wastes are mainly stored in the connective and adipose tissue. When too much waste is stored in our body, this can cause all kinds of ailments:

People feel less fit, have a cold faster and the skin looks unhealthy. In the long run, chronic ailments can also result from the accumulation of waste.

Incorrect living and eating habits also seriously disrupt the intestinal flora. A flora develops that is dominated by rotting bacteria. As a result, even more waste products enter the body and the nutrients from the diet can also be absorbed less well.

It is therefore very important for our overall health to regularly remove the accumulated waste products from the body.

During the HCG Tablets cure, the body is cleansed and gets rid of harmful waste and excess fats that are left and stored in the body. The so-called slag depots (concentrations of waste materials) are mainly located in the fat and connective tissue.

An excessive diet with too much meat, fat, sugar and alcohol in combination with smoking and too little exercise, in particular, causes a build-up of waste products.